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Volkswagen Repair in Dubai

Founded in Germany in 1937, the Wolfsburg-based manufacturer was the largest automaker by worldwide sales as of 2017. Speak to any Volkswagen owner and you’ll often hear that one of the key factors in purchasing one of the brand’s vehicles is reliability. That reliability needs a helping hand here in the hot, taxing climate of Dubai and Rapido Garage provides the best Volkswagen repair services in Dubai .and is the place to find that assistance.

The name Volkswagen itself translates to ‘People’s Car’ and the brand has positioned itself to be for the masses with a model lineup that appeals to many market segments. Certain models in the company’s history have stood the test of time and even become cultural icons. And our facility in Al Quoz has seen and worked on them all.

One car that not only put Volkswagen on the map but also holds the world record for the greatest numbers sold is the humble Volkswagen Beetle. With 21,529,464 made from 1938 till 2003, it’s a car with a place in many people’s hearts and memories. The Volkswagen ‘Type 1′ as it was known internally is also a part of our classic car division’s portfolio as Rapido Garage is Volkswagen repairing in Dubai and undertook the task of rebuilding one from the ground up for a customer who only wanted the best working on their pride and joy.

Whilst the Beetle may be a simple car mechanically, its charm and appeal are global. Values of clean examples continue to rise. Investing in a classic or modern classic is a great way to enjoy an investment. Rapido Garage is the Volkswagen workshop in Dubai and we can advise you on what vehicle suits your budget, in addition to carrying out inspections, detailing all outstanding issues, as well as maintaining your vehicle once it is purchased. We provide Volkswagen maintenance, engine repairbrake repair, A/C servicessuspension repair body repair, and paint works, and other related services in Dubai

Another notable vehicle is the Volkswagen Type 2, more affectionately known as the Bus (US) or Camper (UK). Much like the Beetle, it’s a car that enjoys a special place in motoring history. We at Rapido Garage is are proud to have rebuilt one of Dubai’s most famous versions of the beloved Type 2. More details can be found in our Project Cars section.

The Camper van is probably amongst the most commonly modified vehicles in the world with a mind-blowing array of interpretations to suit a variety of needs from food trucks to mobile advertising methods and even a home on the road. Its air-cooled engine note is one which all true petrol heads recognize, and its bulletproof reliability is second to none.

The third vehicle that deserves a mention in any conversation involving Volkswagen is another car that transcends the brand and has become the poster car of the modern-day hot hatch – the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The Mk1 Golf launched in 1974 and a year later the sportier variant was built behind closed doors by a small skunkworks team. Soon thereafter, the Golf GTI became an instant hit and kickstarted a whole new segment in the compact car market.

The GTI is a vehicle that we see grace our workshop quite often with customers looking to add performance upgrades and have theirs tuned. The Golf R32 and Golf R also have a loyal following here in Dubai.

Equipped with their 4-wheel drive system, they are the perfect weapon to explore the winding roads of our Emirate at a safe but brisk pace. Needless to say, the current range of Volkswagen vehicles seems to have something for everyone.

If the Golf is a tad too small for you, you can choose between the Jetta or the very popular Passat. The Passat and its stablemate Passat CC really do strike distinctive silhouettes when compared to other mid-size saloons. Both offer tons of space, practicality, and, at least with the CC, striking looks too. Rapido Garage is surely a firm favorite among Volkswagen owners as word spreads of our quick turnaround times and economical prices. We will always ensure we give you multiple options for any situation that your car may be in. If it’s a safety issue then clearly there’s no room for compromises but if it’s a low priority job that could be put off until the next visit, then we will offer you that choice to make maintaining your car more pocket-friendly.

Further up the Volkswagen ladder is the brand new Arteon. A direct replacement to the recently discontinued Passat CC, this premium model from Volkswagen is sure to find a market here in Dubai where quality and reliability are key factors involved in buying a car. In fact, it’s that reliability that means when Volkswagens do come into our facility that it’s more often for routine maintenance than constant reoccurring issues and costly engine failures. If you are thinking of buying a car, drop us a line. Our advice is always free, and we can recommend from our experience what would suit your budget and requirements best.

The booming SUV market is also catered for very well by Volkswagen. The smallest footprint belongs to the Tiguan and then there’s its bigger brother, the Touareg. The Touareg sold in thousands here in Dubai and Rapido Garage has seen plenty come through its doors. The air suspension that normally troubles similar offerings from other brands seems rather strong in these particular SUVs and they represent excellent value for money.

The recently launched Teramont now sits at the top of the Volkswagen SUV hierarchy and it’s a serious contender when it comes to this market segment here in the Middle East. The brand’s reputation for quality products is half the battle already won. The car’s tech-filled cabin will also appeal to the current crop of buyers who expect plentiful connectivity and entertainment options to come as standard in a new car. Fear not though, if those electrical gadgets start showing any signs of gremlins! Rapido Garage provides Volkswagen repair in Dubai and has staff trained to identify the root cause of complex problems ensuring that once we solve a problem, we provide services of engine repair, oil change & suspension repair services in Dubai. it’s not likely to ever trouble you again. We are not limited to Volkswagen and have provided services to various car brands like AudiBMWPorscheMercedes Benz & Land Rover, and more

And whilst there may be no VW badge on the grille of a Bugatti Veyron or Chiron, they too were developed under the Volkswagen family. So, expect some of those top-shelf innovations to eventually trickle down to the ‘Dub’ parked on your driveway!

Volkswagen Service Center in Dubai

We offer expert technicians, genuine components, fair prices, and a wide range of services, including tire and oil changes, full detailing, and more in Dubai. when it comes to Volkswagen service in Dubai. Rapido Garage uses only authentic Volkswagen parts and knows the Volkswagen inside and out.

Bring your vehicle to Rapido Garage and let us take care of the rest. As long as you have Rapido Garage on your side, you can continue to enjoy your Volkswagen without worry.

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