Tips and Tricks for Car Air Conditioning (AC) System Maintenance

To see one’s car in good condition and running optimally is the hot pursuit of every car owner. One of the worries and concerns that car owners do not want to have to deal with is a faulty car air conditioning system. Especially, in a place like the UAE where summers are long and harsh, car owners cannot afford to not switch on their car air conditioning when taking the road. To keep the cool air supply working undisturbed, you need to make sure you indulge in car AC cleaning regularly. In this blog, we offer you some tried-and-tested-and failproof car AC maintenance tips that will help you keep your car AC in a “cool” condition for a long time.

Weekly Run Air Conditioning System:

Regardless of the weather outside, make sure to run your car AC for at least 10 or 15 minutes every week. Set the car AC to its coldest settings for the first few minutes so that the compressor keeps working properly and the gas pressure is maintained. Also, ensure to run the AC on Defrost mode to keep the unpleasant odors away, and eliminate any extra moisture that may have settled in the system.

Take Professional Air Conditioning Services:

Car owners may like to think and believe that cleaning the car AC is a layman’s job. No, it isn’t. Car AC cleaning requires special skills and products. Therefore, hire professional help and get your car AC cleaned and repaired at regular intervals. At Rapido Garage, we have professional AC cleaning services for cars of all shapes and sizes. Our mechanics are qualified and widely experienced in all kinds of car AC repairing, servicing, and maintenance services in Dubai.

Recharge Air Conditioning System Periodically:

Owing to the UAE’s tough climatic conditions your car’s AC system may run out of components that fuel its optimal performance. To ensure that you don’t suffer from such a predicament, it is strongly recommended that you get your car’s AC system recharged periodically.

Clean Your Car Regularly:

One of the hallmarks of passionate car owners is that they have a no-nonsense approach when it comes to car maintenance habits. While you may love to ride your vehicle, it is also important that you invest adequate time and money in cleaning it and keeping it in order. Our professional crew at Rapido Garage specializes in all kinds of car cleaning services. The cleaner and well-maintained your car is, the more smoothly it will run on the roads.

Clear Away Debris:

The car air conditioning system is notorious for sucking up all kinds of debris from inside the car. As a result, clogging is bound to happen. To ensure that your car AC does not suffer from similar problems, one of the most popular car AC maintenance tips is that you must take the time to clean the debris and de-clog the car AC system. At Rapido Garage, we advise our clients to periodically open the hood and check the condition of the condenser.

Rapido Garage Dubai is one of the leading full-car services providers. Feel free to visit our workshop to get a full-fledged car AC checkup done for your vehicle.

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