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Rolls Royce Repair Dubai

Nothing comes close to lofting on the streets of Dubai at night in a Rolls-Royce with the Starlight feature activated, while a combination of air cushions dampers and springs adjust every five milliseconds in order to provide you with the most comfortable ride ever known.

Sorry Aladdin, this is the real magic carpet ride!

Briefly about Rolls-Royce

There are but a few places on the globe that can match Dubai for the number of Rolls-Royce vehicles on the road, and here at Rapido Garage we can proudly say we have every one of them covered.

Weather it is the newest addition to the brand, the SUV Cullinan, the Coupe Wraith, the convertible Dawn, the legendary Ghost or even the Phantom, you can rest assured that our mechanics have the knowledge to perform the reliable maintenance to keep you safe and untroubled on the road.

If trouble does appear however, Rapido Garage is one of the leading Rolls Royce repair center in Dubai and you should be utterly confident that the mechanics at Rapido Garage are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to discover your car’s ailment.

On the other hand, instead of simply replacing the entire unit, here at Rapido Garage we take pride in repairing and fixing the problem at its source with our Rolls Royce repairing services in Dubai, thus ensuring cost-effective maintenance that no other competitor can match.

One of the most sublime features of any new Rolls-Royce is the Starlight Headliner, which is comprised of more than 1300 hand-woven fiber optics, which the craftsmen here at the Rapido Garage are more than capable of servicing, and even replaced if needed. Of course, all the new parts come with a warranty in order for you to have the best experience we can possibly offer. We are not limited to Rolls Royce we are deals with different luxury car brands like AudiBMWMercedesMini CooperVolkswagenLand Rover & Porsche in Dubai

Another very important part that all-new Rolls-Royce vehicles share, is the advanced automated transmission built by ZF and specially tuned to perform at a level suited for a Rolls-Royce.

These complex gearboxes require special knowledge and tools, and here at Rapido Garage our Rolls Royce repair service in Dubai takes pride in the ability to perform all types of maintenance on them.
Additionally, our technicians are trained and experienced in performing an overhaul, and even replacing damaged parts within, rather than replacing the entire gearbox, this is how once again Rapido Garage takes abundant care of your car as well as your wallet. We will solve the entire Rolls Royce car complaints with our repair or services in Dubai

Extravagance and luxury are some of the first things that come to mind when the words Rolls-Royce Ghost are mentioned, and with good reason.

A cabin filled with hand-crafted wood veneers is seemingly integrated with the newest technologies available in the industry strictly for your pleasure.

The 6.6-liter V-12 inhales air thru two turbines, providing effortless and nearly silent acceleration retaining ninety percent of its power in reserve while cruising at 112 kilometers per hour.

Sharing its name with the largest diamond ever discovered, the first SUV from Rolls-Royce, the Cullinan is the pinnacle of its class with unprecedented driving abilities fortified by the trademarked Magic Carpet ride, and the ingenious power delivery all-wheel-drive system.

Designed for the owner that feels most comfortable behind the wheel, the ultimate luxury coupe Wraith is a stellar grand tourer that is both capable of moving across continents in a soothing manner, and at the same time, giving you complete confidence to unleash its 624 horsepower on a bendy piece of tarmac.

If a company with such glamorous history describes the Dawn as “the sexiest Rolls-Royce ever built” then who are we to disagree with them.

No matter at what angle you are taking in this Wraith-based convertible, the curvatures and lines are perfectly balanced and they seem to ooze style and grace.
Once again, technology is in such perfect harmony with luxury that the Dawn uses information from the navigation system in order to assist the gearbox select the correct gear for the road ahead.

No matter what the destination is, nothing will get you there in more style and luxury as the Phantom, and this is why there are but a few ways to make a grander entrance, unfortunately, none of them have four wheels so this is the vehicle that lets everybody know, you have arrived.

A refrigerator with adjustable settings regarding the season will provide the right temperature for your refreshment be it summer or winter, and a pothole spotting front camera will signal the suspension to adjust in time to make sure you never spill your drink.

So how did all this unmatched luxury originate?

The year was 1904 and young Henry Royce managed to manufacture his first ever motor car. Now he was in dire need of somebody that will be competent to bring this machine to the market.

Meet Charles Rolls, a gentleman whose company named CS Rolls & Co had all the right tools for the job of retailing automobiles.

This as it turned out, was a great partnership so soon enough they decided to join forces, and thus in March of 1906 one of the most popular car manufacturers to date was born, Rolls-Royce.

Just a few years later, Charles Sykes a very popular sculptor of his era, was working with Eleanor Thornton an English actress and a model. Their work produced the most famous statuette in the history of automobiles The Spirit of Ecstasy.

For the past eleven decades, this figurine has been flying proudly on the front of every Rolls-Royce that has left the factory floor. A symbol so popular, Rolls-Royce had to devise a safety method that whisks it away inside the bonnet when tempered with, in order to prevent theft or damage.

Rolls-Royce Motor Company prides itself in being the coachbuilder that employs the art of human touch everywhere in the production process of the car, thus retaining only two robots to help provide the five layers of immaculate paint for the distinguishable mirror-like finish.

To be able to maintain and repair vehicles with such modern and complex technology is truly a statement for the ability and craftsmanship of the Rapido Garage team, We provide Rolls Royce AC repairEngine repairbody workspainting works & other related repair services in Dubai. So Contact us with full confidence that we will keep you arriving glamorously, whatever the destination.

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