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Car Body Repair & Painting Shop in Dubai

Scratches, scuffs, dents, and dings on your car’s outer body shouldn’t worry you at all. The Rapido Garage is one of the best AudiLand RoverBMWVolkswagen  Porsche & Mercedes Benz car Body shop in Dubai and we have well-equipped with specialized tools and skilled manpower to assist in the complete car body repair and dent removal in Dubai.

We offer the following services at the Rapido Garage Body shop;

  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Vehicle dent, scratch removal
  • Major body damage repairs
  • Car spray painting
  • Nano Ceramic Paint Protection
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Car wrapping, foiling
  • Vehicle body restoration, rust-proofing, sandblasting
  • Rims, diamond-cut rims repair and painting
  • Car window tinting
  • Interior and exterior detailing

Car Body Repairs and Dent Removal Services in Dubai

Your car is your pride, and we know how to take care of it!

Dents, dings, scratches from parking lots can ruin the look of your car. When it comes to repairing, painting the car panels, you need the assistance of talented car body repair professionals. The Rapido Garage Body shop team consists of experienced, skilled car body repair and paint specialists in Dubai to handle all car body repair and paint-related tasks.

Paintless Dent Removal in Dubai

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is one of the most sought-after services and it has several benefits. Firstly, most car owners believe it is easier to sell a car with minimum or no repainting, and secondly, it is always desirable to preserve the original paint of the car as long as possible. Rapido Garage is one of the leading car body shop in Dubai. We provides car dent removal services in Dubai

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

  • PDR is a system that requires trained personnel and a special set of tools to execute the tasks.
  • PDR system helps to remove convex and concave dents without applying paint on the car.
  • It is a more efficient system that saves time for the workshop and the car owner because PDR work is quicker than conventional body repair and paintwork.
  • Paintless dent removal service helps the car owner maintain the intrinsic resale value of the car as it preserves the factory-sprayed paint.
  • However, there are limitations to PDR service as it cannot be applied to all types of body damage repair cases.

Conventional Dent Removal and Paint Work

The majority of the body repair services performed by workshops require conventional methods mainly because, the original paint is already damaged or cracked as a result of the impact, collision, or time factor. In such cases, the PDR system cannot be applied and spray painting becomes a necessity.

Yet, the good news is Rapido Garage team consists of professional automotive paint technicians who can return the showroom shine to your car. We have our own paint-mixing facility wherein we use colors specific to your car and ensure that new and existing paint matches perfectly.

Above all, Rapido Garage offers 2 years of warranty on all body repair and paintwork. We use durable and high-quality paint and related materials to avoid any repetition in the long-run.

Whether you are looking for dent-removal or wish to give a fresh look to your car, we have all the necessary facilities and qualified personnel to cater to your needs. We are just a call away!

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