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Minor And Major Service

Regular servicing and maintenance are important for consistent vehicle performance and safety. We all deserve comfort, convenience, and safety for the money we invest to own a vehicle.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Most modern cars are fitted with between 40 to 80 Electronic Control Units that monitor the performance of different functions of your car in real-time.

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Engine & Transmission

A modern car’s gearbox is a complicated piece of equipment that combines intricate mechanical components, electronics, computer modules, and complex hydraulic oil systems.

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Brakes Service

Without a doubt, the braking system of your car is crucial for your safety on the road.

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Suspension Repairs

It’s a well-known fact that Dubai has some of the smoothest roads in the world.

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Car A/C Service

Flawless car air-conditioning is the foremost prerequisite you would want in your car.

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Body Repairs & Paintwork

Scratches, scuffs, dents, and dings on your car’s outer body shouldn’t worry you at all.

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