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  • Mercedes Benz Transmission Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Engine Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Workshop In Dubai
  • Mercedes Benz Body Work
  • Mercedes Benz Ac Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Brakes Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Suspension Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Computer Diagnostic
  • Mercedes Benz Quick Service
  • Mercedes Benz Minor Service
  • Mercedes Benz Major Service
  • Mercedes Benz Full Inspection
  • Mercedes Benz Ceramic Coating And
  • Paint Protection
  • Mercedes Benz Oil Leak Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Coolant Leak Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Specialist

Mercedes Repair & Service  in  Dubai, UAE

Mercedes Benz has the distinction of being recognized as the inventor of the petrol-powered automobile. Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler achieved just that in 1886. Today the brand is seen as a status symbol and here at Rapido Garage, our staff has come across just about every model from the company’s extensive portfolio.

Whilst the 1934 500 K might not grace our shop floor every day, our Classic Car division is beginning to see an influx of rarer models such as the 300SL Gullwing and 190SL come in. When owners of these mechanical masterpieces select a garage to work on their vehicles, it speaks volumes about the place they pick – and for that, we thank you.

If there was one car that truly catapulted this company onto the world stage, it was the W100 600 or the ‘Grosser’ as it came to be known. Back when it was in production, from Heads of State to the Pope himself, anyone who was anyone was always seen in this masterpiece of engineering.

Since then, there have been several significant models in the brand’s illustrious history, which owners always see fit to bring to Rapido Garage. The 1960s 230SL or Pagoda is one of them. Growing in value with every passing day, We offers the best Mercedes Benz repair in Dubai. skilled staff of Mercedes Benz service center in Dubai can service and even help you restore and rebuild one from the ground up if you so desire. The ’70s saw Mercedes-Benz produce the 450SEL 6.9, the W123; their first station wagon and of course, one of Dubai’s most popular vehicles – the G Wagon.

The ’80s and ‘90s models were still of the analog generation, so our extensive tooling enables us to work on the likes of the 190E, the W124 500Es, and C43s. The 2000s saw a shift in direction for Mercedes-Benz. They began offering customers a more gadget-laden experience.

Whilst this appealed to the brand’s younger clientele, certain issues faced by owners cannot be handled competently by your average workshop. Rapido Garage Dubai has the software, tooling, and staff needed to diagnose Mercedes’s problems and solve them quickly. That invaluable experience and investment in equipment equate to time and money being saved by you.

The current lineup of Mercedes-Benz is the largest ever. 19 models, no less. From the entry-level A-Class, right through to the 2019 W463 iteration of the aforementioned G Wagon. Certain vehicles are built and sold for specific roles, like the Viano for transporting executive travelers and the AMG GT for sheer driving pleasure. However, every model requires timely repair and maintenance services.  There are numerous benefits to choosing our Mercedes repair and service center in Dubai above any other facility. We have provided repair and services to various car brands like AudiBMWPorscheVolkswagen , Land Rover, mini cooper & Rolls Royce

Rapido Garage is one of the best Mercedes Benz repair and service centers in Dubai. we are based in the heart of Dubai; Al Quoz. It’s easy to locate and reach. We are the Mercedes specialist and we also offer a pickup and drop-off service for both car and owner alike. Secondly, our management staff comes from various parts of the world. So not only can we handle your inquiry in most major languages but we also ensure nothing gets lost in translation. Peace of mind, after all, is priceless.

And then there are our mechanics themselves. With a passion for all things on wheels and decades of experience on Mercedes-Benz, there isn’t an ailment your vehicle may be suffering from which we have never seen before.

One of the biggest benefits of owning a Mercedes-Benz is its legendary reliability. However, like with all things mechanical, care must be taken to ensure those thousands of components working together in perfect harmony are maintained in accordance with manufacturer-recommended service schedules. This is vital to extending any vehicle’s operational life.

Mercedes Repair Dubai

Across the world, Dubai leads in sales for Mercedes-Benz. Consequently, Rapido Garage sees many of those cars come through our doors. With SUV sales continuing to rise, we often see GLA, GLC, GLE, and GLS models come into our facility. Whether it’s air suspension or engine diagnostics, fear not for Rapido Garage has you covered.

The C-Class and CLA are very popular with their fully loaded nature and compact footprints appealing to owners who wish to enjoy all the bells and whistles of larger vehicles such as the CLS whilst being confident behind the wheel. If, however, you’ve had the bad fortune of accidentally denting or damaging your pride and joy then our dedicated body shop and paint booth can have your car restored back to showroom condition in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We provide the best Mercedes repair & services in Dubai and we are already primed to handle the needs of owners of the latest X-Class utility vehicle from Mercedes-Benz. This luxury pickup truck will be an instant hit here in Dubai due to the combination of its prestige label, capacious cargo area, and unmatched build quality. Those in Dubai’s booming construction industry have never before had a better-appointed work vehicle, especially one with the badge kudos of a Mercedes-Benz.
When speaking of a well-appointed Mercedes-Benz, the Maybach name must be mentioned. The flagship S65 W222 is quite literally breathtaking. With its AMG-built 6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine, the car truly is an iron fist in a velvet glove. Exacting care must be taken when working on such machines.

And if opulence is at one side of this spectrum, then true performance lies at the other. AMG versions of Mercedes-Benz cars turn up the wick. From the benchmark of open-top motoring, the SL65 AMG, to the load-lugging yet monstrously quick E63s AMG station wagon – we can handle them all.

Mercedes-Benz has always stuck by its slogan – The Best or Nothing. We feel the same way about all the work we carry out at our facility. Visit Rapido Garage, and we are confident you will agree. Submit a form to get the best Mercedes repair and services in Dubai. Contact us now 

Mercedes engine repair Dubai

If you do not perform maintenance and diagnostics of the Mercedes Benz engine in time, the cost of Mercedes repair can increase several times. Remember that it is always easier to prevent breakdowns than to fix already running cases.

  • Diagnostics of the Mercedes Benz engine
  • Visual inspection
  • Measurement of engine compression
  • Finding and correcting engine faults

Mercedes Benz suspension repair

Our mechanic will perform the checking.  In case of various noises, steering wheel tightness, vibration, it is necessary to replace shock absorbers, stabilizer bars, hub bearing or other elements. The serviceman performs an inspection of stabilizer bars, levers, hub bearings, bushings, silent blocks, the presence of leaks on the shock absorber racks; ball bearings and drives, chassis mountings, springs.

Diagnostics of the Mercedes Benz suspension condition is carried out for preventive purposes:

  • Front/rear replacement knob
  • Hub Bearing Replacement
  • Elevator head replacement
  • Front arm silent block replacement
  • Shock-absorbing racks replacement
  • Stabilizer Rack Replacement
  • Suspension lever replacement
  • Cardan Shaft Cross Replacement
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