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Rapido Garage has staff who have for decades specialized in this icon of British motoring. We provide Land Rover repair services in Dubai. With the right tools in our team’s hands, your vehicle will find its regular servicing work, or any special requirements that you may have such as roll cages or suspension setup carried out perfectly at our facility in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Whilst all Land Rovers share the same ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’ ethos, the reality is that some will find themselves off the beaten track more often than others. Prime example, the Land Rover Defender. It was created to be practical and robust more than anything else.

The Defender, in its famous boxy guise, ended production in January 2016. Immediately thereafter, prices skyrocketed. Truly incredible for a vehicle, which was initially associated solely with farmers’ workhorses and lugging around timber, to achieve such global acclaim.

thereafter, prices skyrocketed. Truly incredible for a vehicle, which was initially associated solely with farmers’ workhorses and lugging around timber, to achieve such global acclaim.

It’s no secret that Dubai’s off-road clubs are probably the most passionate in the world. The Defender is often the car which ends up winching others out of hard spots! We at Rapido Garage know our clients and how they use their cars.

So, we can advise them to beef up their suspension setup if they wish to conquer tougher dunes or to add extra road noise insulation if they frequently drive on long highways. More often than not though, Defender drivers know their vehicles and their limitations well enough to leave us with a wealth of jobs to do.

At the other end of the spectrum is another vehicle that started off as an agricultural off-roader. Whilst it can still deal with muddy terrain, it does so whilst enveloping you in a sea of luxury like no other 4×4.

Yes, Rolls-Royce may have the Cullinan and Bentley might have Bentayga, but the Range Rover can wade through over 33 inches of water without breaking a sweat! Our customers often take their Vouges and SVR’s off the asphalt and head into the desert. And they trust us to ensure their vehicles remain in tiptop condition after they return.

Speaking of SVR’s, the sportiest Range Rover is a road going rocket with interior room for five adults and luggage but, more crucially, an exhaust note that turns heads wherever it goes. The sort of power and torque that the Range Rover SVR produces means its mechanical components are always subjected to incredibly high levels of stress. We are one of the Range Rover specialist in Dubai and provides Range Rover repair services in Dubai 

Hence, it is imperative that its service schedule is strictly adhered to and any work is carried out by technicians and mechanics who know these vehicles inside out. Rapido Garage is provides the service of Land Rover repair in Dubai. We have these skillsets. Our services includes Land Rover engine repairbreak repairsuspension repairbody work etc..  Trust us to ensure you can trust your vehicle on any terrain.

The Velar is the newest member of the Land Rover/Range Rover family and has proven to be quite a hit here in Dubai. At launch, it blew critics away with its tech-laden interior.

Whilst the manufacturer aims to provide occupants with the most luxurious of rides and all the infotainment options they can demand, the electronic components that go into running these systems are very complex. Our team consists of staff who are up to date with the latest electrical systems these vehicles use and know exactly where to look if anything goes wrong.

Whilst the Defender may be the grandfather of the Land Rover brand, the Evoque was most definitely the unexpected arrival, even more so when the convertible variant was revealed. Land Rover really hit home with this one. The Evoque gave all those loyal fans a vehicle small enough to feel more manoeuvrable whilst driving and which still had the badge, off-road capability and luxurious fittings of bigger members in the family.

With its raised driving position and trick suspension the Evoque can cope with sand and snow, water and ice with the flick of a button. Evoque owners are no doubt in a lucky position.

The numerous mechanical systems that make passing over tough terrain so effortless deserve some high praise Our experienced staff know how to ensure your Land Rover stays in perfect condition. That’s why we became one of the best Land Rover service center in Dubai. From differential locks to transmissions, Rapido Garage has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to servicing and dealing with any issues that may arise.

Indeed, our staff are car crazy and will gladly take time out to explain how to get the most out of your Land Rover whilst being safe and not pushing your vehicle beyond the very impressive limits of its capability.

And when it comes to limits of capability, the Discovery is one to get a special mention. From its beginnings as the Discovery1 and then the Discovery2, the LR3 and then the LR4 and now, the Discovery and Discovery Sport, – that instantly recognisable slanted window line has carried all the way through from its earliest incarnations in 1989 to the 2019 models. Just goes to show, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’.

Rapido Garage has experience provides best service of Land Rover Repair in Dubai and we have with all sorts of Land Rovers from the Discovery 1 in its world record Camel Trophy form to the LR range in its G4 Challenge setup and of course, the very modern and rather special SVO tuned editions.

Luck is on your side. You have Rapido Garage and the world’s best playground for all things Land Rover. Dubai is your playground. Go, enjoy.


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