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BMW Service Center in Dubai, UAE

As anyone who’s ever been behind the wheel of a BMW, regardless of model or year, will tell you there’s this indescribable feeling of engagement present in every one of the marque’s creations. It’s one of those things which are hard to put a finger on but can certainly be felt.

The company started out making aircraft engines in 1916. Eventually, war and politics affected the German automotive industry and in 1928, BMW cars were born. Fast forward several decades and, in the sprawling metropolis of Dubai, Rapido Garage is the place where BMW owners go for their vehicle’s needs.

Rapido Garage is one of the leading BMW service centers in Dubai. Our Classic Car division is primed to work on BMWs of yesteryear. Whether it be the head-turning single-door BMW Isetta or the ‘Batmobile’; the E9 3.0 CSL, our staff, equipment, and experience will ensure your pride and joy stays in prime shape.

The ‘2002’ picked up where the CSL left off. It muted some of those flared fenders and became what would be the backbone of the BMW lineup and, for decades set the benchmark for all executive saloons; the 3 Series.

Everyone recognizes the E21 as the first generation 3 Series. With its Teutonic build quality, relatively affordable price, and the kudos that came with owning a BMW, the car was an instant hit. Whilst these factors got drivers into the 3 Series, it was the way the car handled and filled them with confidence that kept them there. And that, in turn, grew drivers’ loyalty for the brand on a global scale.

Rapido Garage has a strong background in racing. Take a quick look at our projects page and you will see why customers bring their ultra-desirable E30 M3s to this BMW specialist in Dubai. The 3 Series in its many guises since then; the E36, E46, E90, F30, and the current G20, has gone from being an analog machine to a tech-fest with semi-autonomous driving aides, whilst still retaining that BMW DNA.

Dubai sees record BMW sales year on year and, as a consequence, Rapido Garage’s customer base grows as well. The E12, E28, and E34 are rarer but the influx of Japanese and US import E39s means we get those through our doors quite often as well. Whilst also superbly built, the 5 Series tends to be used by owners for family duties instead of track days and they trust Rapido Garage, the BMW service center in Dubai to keep their cars perfectly roadworthy at all times.

The 7 Series has always been the choice of VIPs and CEOs ever since the very first E23s and E32s rolled off the production line. The E38 counted amongst the most popular cars in BMW’s long history and saw a rise in demand for Long Wheelbase models. However, the introduction of the E65 in 2002, split opinion.

Dubai quickly took to the car’s ‘flame surfacing’ and polarizing looks which led to high sales numbers again. Rapido Garage sees that, with the number of customers who have made purchases of these very capable cars for excellent prices. These particular 7 Series models tend to come in for electrical gremlins which sometimes creep into the car’s otherwise impressively strong framework.

Then came the F01 generation which had everyone nodding their heads again at its reveal. And then there’s the G11 you will currently find on showroom floors. A truly breathtaking vehicle to drive and to be driven in on Dubai’s glorious sweeping roads.
Not one to be shy away from stepping forward, the 2000s saw the launch of the E53 X5. BMW jumped into the deep end and brought to market a premium 4×4 for the people. Followed by the E70, the F15, and the present G05 generations, the X5 consistently serves as one of BMWs global bestsellers.

Rapido Garage is one of the top BMW service centers in Dubai & we will be happy to service and maintain your X5. Our experience means that any issue you might be dealing with for the first time is probably something we have already dealt with on many occasions. This means less time spent diagnosing, speedy turnarounds, and more savings compared to other garages. Our automobile services are not limited to BMW, also includes AudiMercedes BenzPorscheBentleyVolkswagen, Land Rover, and more

At the other end of the lineup are the Z coupes. The Z1 with its trick doors, the pocket-rocket Z3, the more mature Z4, and the rather rare Z8 are again, all cars that we are familiar with.

Despite decades of engineering experience, it’s impossible for manufacturers to iron out every single tiny crease in a car’s design. So, common ailments show themselves over time with every model. Rapido Garage can advise you on these issues and carry out preventative work beforehand, solving the problem with our services and helping you avoid heavy future repair bills.

Touring and Cabriolet versions of these cars also have items that commonly need tending to such as boot gas struts failing, squeaking roof linings, or leaking power hood motors. Again, we have seen hundreds of cars with similar issues, so solving them is second nature to us.
Of course, there are plenty of other BMW models that we’ve dealt with including, but not limited to, the 1 series, 6 series, and 8 series as well as the X1 and X3. As a company, we always seek to cater to our customers’ existing and forthcoming needs in Dubai

Rapido Garage is already servicing and working on BMW electric cars such as the i3 and i8. Carrying out work on these vehicles requires a very high level of skill and knowledge due to the nature of their revolutionary drivetrains.

No list of BMWs would be complete without a mention of their M Division cars. Starting with the E26 M1 and subsequent M2, M3, M5, M6, M8 (yes, BMW made 1 prototype of the E31!), X5M, and X6M – the list is quite long! The M division takes all that BMW has learned from its illustrious past in motorsport and injects all that knowledge into every component of their creations, tweaking them with the aim to always be better than one before.

BMW Repair & Services in Dubai

Rapido Garage is the first choice of many hundreds of proud BMW owners from Dubai and the neighboring Emirates. Our main services include BMW maintenance, engine repairbrake repair, A/C servicessuspension repair body repair, and paint works in Dubai. Do not hesitate to call us and experience our tried and true customer service.

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