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Bentley Repair & Services in Dubai

When asked what one drives and the answer is “Bentley”, eyebrows normally raise, as do glasses. It is, of course, a celebratory affair to be the owner of one of the marque’s vehicles, regardless of year and spec.

Little did the Bentley brothers, Horace Millner and Walter Owen realize what they started when they registered Bentley Motors Limited in 1919 or how their brand today is more a status symbol than a mere mode of transport. Sales of Bentley cars in the Gulf region and Dubai in particular are some of the highest globally, and that’s where Rapido Garage fits in.

Bentley cars require regular maintenance and service from experienced experts. Rapido Garage is one of the authorized repair and service centers in Dubai. We have an experienced mechanical team to deal with Bentley cars. We have been able to establish a loyal following of Bentley owners who are our best advert. They have seen the passion and experience of our staff ensuring their pride and joy is always kept in the condition that it deserves to be in. Our expertise means that all models and specs are in good hands when they come through our workshop doors.

As the early Bentley models now become highly collectible our Classic Car division has the specialist skills, and more importantly at times, the TLC that is required to handle these motorized works of arts. If you are lucky enough to own a Speed 6 or R Type, then your vehicle will be in good company in our facilities and we will be happy to take any potential restorers on a guided tour.

The modern-day classics such as the Bentley Eight or Turbo R is where the brand took a distinctive turn of direction with the look and feel of their cars, and indeed the entire company. The benchmark was elevated in terms of the engineering of interiors for times to come. Bentley as a company has always read the market well, so the power plants that were massive in comparison to most vehicles on the road in the ’80s meant that anyone seen behind the wheel of a Bentley was instantly recognized as being a person of distinction.

Providing parts for these automobiles can sometimes be frustrating. Rapido garage is one of the top Bentley service centers in Dubai. At Rapido Garage we have strong relationships with local suppliers, and even when this is not sufficient, we are able to arrange for those hard-to-find parts internationally in order to get your vehicle back on the road in a timely manner. We offer all the services associated with Bentley Repair Dubai.

The modern generation of Bentley cars, however, took that customary benchmark, and simply blew it away. Despite the current model range comprising of just 4 models, each one is at the top of its game within its segment class.

The Flying Spur is Bentley’s most understated automobile. Its classic lines and simple form are subtle enough to hide in plain sight, without causing heads to turn unless it’s in a two-tone or bright hue. Bentley decided that they would provide 4 trim levels; the V8, the V8s, the W12, and the W12s. The latter two power plants are truly the pinnacle achievements within the world of engineering.

In saying that there is no such thing as a base model when you’re driving a Bentley and so all variants are, like all customers’ cars, treated with equal care and respect.
Additional attention is provided, however, to lesser things when compared to other garages, such as ample parking around the vehicle in order to prevent accidental dings and marks or other minor damage. Indeed, the paintwork on a Bentley is often custom ordered, nevertheless, our in-house paint booth and skilled painters can color-match any shade or hue if required.

When your opportunities allow you a two-door model and sleek design is your thing, then the Bentley Continental GT will be your vehicle of choice. The car looks like it is in motion even when stationary. From its swooping bonnet to the short rear overhang, everything is built to catapult you down the road at a white-knuckle pace while still retaining the levels of comfort all Bentley owners have come to expect from the brand.

The systems that work under the swathes of leather and real wood, however, require a certain level of skill and experience to work on them. The removal of door panels or petrol tanks to access the initial cause of the issue is no easy task on any car, let alone a Bentley.

When it comes to VIPs and individuals who require grandeur and opulence on four wheels, the Mulsanne is the answer. And what an answer it is. Bentley’s mighty 6 1/3 engine defies the vehicle’s mammoth size, especially in the Extended Wheel Base model, with the effortless way it propels the car.

In the Speed version of the Mulsanne, the raw power and torque will leave you speechless. No other car can handle this with such sure-footedness, seemingly relentless power curve, and yet cosset you in a sea of 5-star luxury at the same time. Simple yet wonderful, and Rapido Garage has managed to prove too numerous Bentley owners that we are the right choice when any work is required on these cars. We invest heavily in the right equipment to diagnose and remedy any of your vehicle’s concerns.

The latest offering from the brand is something no one would have expected Bentley to be catering to, just a few years back. But they did, and the Bentayga is now ticking all the boxes of the global appetite for SUV despite its hefty price tag. Make no mistake, the cabin may be on the same level of refinement as the one in the Flying Spur and Mulsanne, however, its off-roading capabilities are on par with much more traditionally rugged 4×4’s. The difference being, any systems that need configuring to tackle various terrains are selected with flawless ease and at the push if a chrome knurled button. This is the reason why you purchase a Bentayga. On-road presence coupled with effortless off-road capabilities.

Bentley Repair Garage in Dubai

While every Bentley is built to rigorous standards and arrives with a strict schedule of maintenance. Rapido Garage is one of the top Bentley garages in Dubai. Our Bentley repair and service specialists in Dubai are well prepared in Bentley repairs and use original parts and maintenance instruments to provide extra care for your cars. Rapido Garage with its knowledge is able to implement any preemptive work for known issues. We are known for going above and beyond the factory’s recommendations. This means you can go above and beyond continents or mountains with full confidence in your Bentley with Rapido Garage by your side. We have an experienced mechanical team to repair and service your Bentley cars in Dubai.

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